WATERPROOF – Upper of the disposable toilet seat cover is made of virgin pulp and blue side made of Polyethylene, safe to shield drops on questionable toilet seats or porta-potties.
NON WOVEN PAPER- Unlike flimsy and easily ripped toilet seat paper cover, the plastic toilet seat cover is practical and durable. No tear with water nor stick to skin when standing up. It stays in place with groove textured backing, which offers you extra protection and bring you peace of mind in public toilets.
PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL – The pocket size toilet seat cover is individually wrapped, easy to open and time-saving to use. Compact to fit in pocket, purse, work bag or travel bag. 40 piece per pack.
EASY TO USE – Remove the sheet from the bag and unfold it. Then completely open the arc shape paper in the middle. Then expose the adhesive pad by releasing the paper over it. Then fix the sheet onto the toilet seat ring. Remember it is non flushable so after it is used please kindly throw it into a trash bag.
SOLE PURPOSE – Widely used for many occasions like vacation, road trip, camping and outing in airport, station, hostels, hotel, hospital, amusement park, shopping center and so on. Perfect for maternity hygiene, toddler and kids’ potty covers. Waterproof as it is, it’s non-flushable. recycle or Dispose of it in trash can.